Tarp 3x4 meters - lightweight pressing

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Protection against rain and sun can be decisive in a crisis situation. Our tarp is made of 210D Ripstop Nylon which makes it light and strong. It withstands a water column of 3000 mm and has a sun protection equivalent to UPF50+.

Easy and quick to set up and can be mounted in many different ways 

  • 4x3 meters
  • 8 reinforced attachment points with eyelets for extra durability
  • 8 pcs 2.7 m long attached ropes with quick buckles
  • 8 anchoring spikes
  • 2 pcs in folding support legs which are 195 cm long
  • Weight 3 kilos 
  • Comes in a practical bag

Here is a list of uses for a tarp:

Rain cover:

Quickly create protection against rain by hanging the tarp between trees or with tent poles

Sun protection

Provide shade on hot days by putting up a tarp over the seating

Rainwater collection!

1 mm of rain is 1 liter per square meter and hour. So with this Tarp can capture 12 liters per hour and mm rain. In case of moderate rain 0.5-4 mm in one hour, you can collect up to 48 liters of fresh drinking water in just one hour!

Ground coverage under tents:

Place a tarp under your tent to protect against moisture and to prevent moisture penetration.

Bivouac or overnight shelter:

Use the tarp as a simple shelter for sleeping outside or creating a bivouac.

Picnic shelter:

Create a comfortable picnic spot by hanging a tarp to provide shade and protection from the wind.

Beach protection:

Protect from sun and sand on the beach by placing a tarp over the seating.

Protection for outdoor furniture:

Cover outdoor furniture with a tarp to protect it from the elements when not in use.

Load coverage:

Cover the load on the roof rack or trailer with a tarp to protect it from the weather.

Protection against frost:

Use a tarp to cover plants and protect them from frosty nights.

Wind protection:

Create a sheltered spot for cooking or relaxing by putting up a tarp.

Construction site:

Use a tarp to cover building materials or as a temporary shelter on a construction site.

Temporary shelter:

In emergency situations, a tarp can act as a temporary shelter to keep you dry and protect you from the elements.

Party and event:

Create extra shade at outdoor events by hanging a tarp over the seating.

Snow cover:

Protect the entrance to your tent from snow and create a snow-free area by using a tarp.

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