Vatendunk med tapkran 5 L

Rea 199.00 SEK
Endast 13 st kvar


With our water jug ​​with tap, you can easily and conveniently transport and store your water. This container is ideal for camping, outings, emergencies or other situations where you need to have access to clean water.

The water jug ​​has a capacity of 5 liters and is made of durable and food-grade plastic that is safe to use for storing drinking water. It is also equipped with a tight-fitting screw cap with an extra large opening that keeps the water fresh and clean. This is perfect when you need to rotate or use your water. With the large opening, it is easy to fill from a can or bucket.

The tap on the water can makes it easy to top up the water. The faucet is placed at a comfortable height, so you don't have to bend over or hold the weight of the can while filling up the water. The faucet is also designed to be easy to open and close, making it easy to regulate flow and avoid spills.

Our water jug ​​with tap is light and easy to carry with you thanks to its carrying handle, you can unscrew the tap for cleaning. If the canister at the faucet is leaking, unscrew the nut that secures it on the inside.

Made in Finland 
Food approved and manufactured in impact-resistant PEHD plastic.
Withstands temperatures from -40°C to +95°C and is machine washable.
The product is sorted as hard plastic and is 100% recyclable

Length: 220 mm
Width: 160 mm
Height: 255 mm


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