Plant lighting 4 arms - choose white or colored light

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Flexible plant lamp with four light panels.

Each panel is 21.5 cm long and has 20 LEDs, so in total this lamp has 80 LEDs.

You can easily attach the lamp to a table top or shelf with the clip. Then you can adjust the three panels at different heights, perfect as not all plants are the same height. Place the lamp 5-10 cm from the plant.

The lamp has a built-in timer and runs for 3, 9 or 12 hours per day.

- Length between clamp and lamp is 37cm
- The length of the LED strip in the lamp is 21.5 cm
- Available in two versions blue & red light or white light
- Dimmer function, set the brightness from 10%-100%
- On/Off with auto timer
- Powered via USB 5V 2A, power adapter included.
- 80 LED 

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