Wilderness medicine

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Hikers, kayakers, skiers and mountain climbers move in environments far from everyday comforts. Clean water is often in short supply and everything needed must be carried in your own pack. If something were to go wrong, it would take a long time for help to arrive.

This book is about healthcare with limited resources in inaccessible places - what we call Wilderness Medicine. Wilderness medicine is a subject that is fairly new in Sweden and that includes more than traditional first aid.

In the book, you get help to make an analysis of the risks for the trip you are planning. How likely is something to happen? How long would it take for help to arrive?

You will learn the working principles and rules of memory that emergency personnel use, effective procedures for injuries to different parts of the body and how to assess common symptoms such as headaches and stomachaches and recognize more serious conditions that require immediate evacuation.

Other parts of the book cover altitude sickness, diving medicine, fever diseases, water purification, burns, heat stroke, hypothermia, insect bites and more.

The author Olivia Kiwanuka is a doctor and researcher in neurosurgery. She has specialist skills in mountain medicine (DiMM) and diving medicine (EDTC/Forks) and has trained both private individuals and other doctors in wilderness medicine and as an expedition doctor she has helped both untrained beginners and professional adventurers to achieve their goals safely.

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